270 million doses of the HPV vaccine văcxin used worldwide

According to the World Health Organization, 270 million doses of the HPV vaccine văcxin to undergo six times to review the safety for eleven years.


The latest report of the World Health Organization (WHO) said, since it was licensed in 2006 to date, more than 270 million doses of the HPV vaccine văcxin be distributed worldwide. The Advisory Committee on safety (GACVS) global Văcxin has six times to review data on the safety of the HPV vaccine văcxin on millions of people in the UK, the US, Denmark, Sweden.

The who has not noted any unusual about obstetrics, maternal and fetal health, symptoms of pain and mobility disorders, risk of thrombosis or venous obstruction. GACVS also explain the fainting condition is rare is because of anxiety mood in at vaccination.

The report also give the positive signal from the HPV vaccine văcxin vaccine program. Some countries give birth văcxin HPV vaccination program has reduced 50% of money cervical cancer in young women. Meanwhile, the rate of deaths from cervical cancer in Japan, where the HPV vaccination is not recommended, have increased 5.9% from 2005 to 2015.

Virus HPV (Human papilloma virus) is the main cause of cervical cancer and other genital diseases such as genital warts, cancer of the vulva, the vagina. 2016 year statistics in Vietnam, every day there are new people with 14 and 7 deaths from cervical cancer. If the disease is detected in late stages, the survival rate after 5 years only reached 16%.

Văcxin HPV vaccine could reduce to 70% the risk of cervical cancer. However, there remains no less disturbing side effects of this văcxin type, after hearing the left dimensional information on the Internet. In the report of the WHO Global Advisory Committee on safety Văcxin also expressed concern the allegations lack the base will cause negative effects to the injection of văcxin prevention in many countries.

According to Dr., doctor Hoang Thi Diem Snow-Director of Hung Vuong Hospital (HCMC), văcxin prevent HPV have been clinical trials on at least 29,000 men and women. Even if licensed, the Center for disease control and prevention (CDC) continues to closely monitor safety in three different ways.

Master, doctor Le Quang Thanh, Director of the hospital From Took also said: “any kind of vaccines when allowed to circulate evenly through much research and screening to confirm safety, affect the health or not , then new to efficient factor. For văcxin vaccine HPV, we only observed side effects like mild pain spot injection place, mild fever. To date there have been millions of doses of the HPV vaccine văcxin be used in the world, even my daughter also shots “.


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