Semen is the ‘ virus ‘ reservoir

The scientists point out the semen may contain more than 27 types of viruses including Ebola, HIV and herpes virus.

Zika virus threatens man

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Semen is the favorable environment for viruses, NPR reported on the lead sheet of Emerging Infectious Diseases.

Scientists from Oxford University (uk) has analyzed more than 3,800 works, discovering at least 27 virus can survive in the Ebola virus include semen, Lassa fever, chikungunya, herpes, and even HIV. Most of them appear temporarily after a person is infected, some circumstances exist throughout the years.

“This discovery shows that semen contain protein or genetic material of the virus,” lead researcher is he Alex Salam said. However, he insisted this did not demonstrate any viruses are sexually transmitted.

On the reason of virus existed in sperm, doctors Amesh Adalja from John Hopkins Hospital (United States of America) explained the testicles of men are “favor”, not under the control of the immune system should become the ideal place for the virus.

Doctor Adalja identified next steps need to do is determine the ability to develop, reproduce in the environment of semen as well as the risk of infection through sex of the virus. This result will bring tremendous significance for preventing disease. In fact, between the Zika outbreak in America, thanks to early detection of the virus sexually transmitted, people were promptly recommended to use condoms or abstain from sex.

Besides, if the virus in semen back too long, although the disease can still be extinguished flare back due to unprotected sex as Ebola cases. World Science ever recorded a man of Africa of Ebola virus in the semen still after a year and a half of illness.

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