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The scientists pointed out sitting continuously active increases the risk of early death, regardless of whether or not the compensation training.

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Sleep nine hours every day, 7 seated, causing you to die sooner

“Exercising in a certain point of time is not enough. We need to move throughout the day next to the practice, “Professor Keith Diaz from Columbia University (United States of America) said.

According to Reuters, Professor of Diaz together colleagues studied 7,985 people aged 45 and over. On the Annals of Internal Medicine, the authors said the number of hours is not advocacy (including sitting and standing) accounted for 77% of the time the volunteers, the equivalent of about 12 hours per day. 

Of this number, there are people just a few minutes walk to the back, set the scale also some cases urge others in one spot. Comparing these two groups together, the research team discovered the risk of premature mortality of individuals active between lazy hour twice who hard to leave the place.
Explaining the phenomenon, Dr. David Alter head of Cardiology and metabolism function Rehabilitation Institute of Toronto (Canada) said lasted no time campaigning hampered the process of metabolism, which leads to death. “The lack of muscular activity affects the ability to metabolize sugar,” he said. “Gradually the body accumulates excess fat and cause obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and death”.

To limit sedentary condition and health protection, experts recommend that each person should set the time press mode in phone or memory clock to get up again, the few simple moves after each 30 minutes of sitting. “The simplest operation is also very helpful,” Professor Diaz stressed.

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