The decision for the children to sit a drink of doctor helps boys win of death

Patients lie in bed dependency sets off the wires and machines, doctor Vu Huu Vinh decided to baby sit up to drink water to soon recover.

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The end of June, Nguyen Thanh Phuc kid 5 years old in distress when leaned over the railing height of about 7 m and fall of ancient dams on the iron fence, bleeding massively. Doctors in Binh Thuan have first aid and transferred the baby to children’s hospital 2 (HCMC). Toddler critical condition with trauma, trachea, esophagus, severe neck piece Cho Ray Hospital doctor was invited to the consultations during the night.

Vu Huu Vinh Associate Professor, head of Department for foreign chest, Cho Ray Hospital, said that when patients receive treatment, you’re lethargic, drop in blood pressure, to squeeze the ball past internal trachea. After consultations contact specialist, the patient is on the table for the first surgery on 26/6. The doctors have conducted stitched lacerations in the trachea and the esophagus, at the same time open the trachea. Though temporarily keeps alive but baby still breathing air through open, coma, fever, flowing room opaque region of the neck.

Through the process of resuscitation is quite arduous, Blesses the second table up on 3/7. After cleaning the drive huge infection neck, crew cut filter surgery stitches esophageal lacerations into front, rear, stitched into lining the trachea, trachea open out the skin, open colon hỗng feed. Especially the doctors have put irrigation system of continuous washing of neck, help control the infection.

After the second surgery baby start breathing through the open character of the province, the trachea. The situation gradually improved, doctors continue to perform surgery on 19/7 three times to strengthen the body bar layer suture after esophagus. Two days later the patient is instead open canuyn on 1/8 trachea and when the situation stabilizes be transferred through children’s hospital 2 continue treatment.

A week later children’s hospital 2 doctor Cho Ray consultations because CT was little leak. After examining the results of endoscopic correlation see also very small, Associate Professor Vinh decided to give patients sit up to drink water before the apprehension of many people. The emergency team ready to handle promptly if going bad situations. The first glass of water artificial baby, doctors still persist for the next drink and to second cup onwards, the baby was normal.

“This is a situation that must compete. You’re baby sets off around the wire, if not decided to drink the water, will not know must be dependent on machines to ever “, Dr. Vinh shares. Baby Bliss travel guidance, physical therapy. We still maintain drinking water and milk over her mouth, pumping food through tubes of sonde hỗng. Discharge height 17/8 baby, scheduled a month later will be checking the esophagus to complete oral feeding. After the 3-6, surgery resumed the trachea to breathe normally through the nose of the mouth.

Associate Professor Nguyen Van Khoi, Deputy Director of Cho Ray hospital said the baby is one of those cases is referred to repeatedly in the Committee sessions. Close coordination between the two hospitals, promptly helped win baby nephew was dead, recovered back to life. 

“Families don’t dare think babies can live like today. The medical doctors gave birth to two grandchildren, “his mother touched patients at discharge height 17/8.

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