The Health Ministry will monitor pilot pharmacies sell antibiotics

Many other countries, Vietnamese people buy sell antibiotics do not need a doctor’s application should contribute to increased drug resistance status. 

Buy antibiotics in Vietnam easy as buying candy

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Preliminary phase 1 implementation of national action plans on the prevention on drug 21/9 Health Minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien admitted: “the people currently using the antibiotics pretty promiscuous, flu headache themselves out without sales pharmacy prescription, especially antibiotics “.

To change this habit, Minister for that pharmacy need the application of information technology, camera system, pharmacy standards reached GPP (good pharmacy practices), to sell the drug. Drug Administration will conduct surveillance pilot sold the drug under the menu in some places, especially in large cities. Besides, the Department strengthen infection control in the medical establishment, squeeze the work against bacterial infection in post-operative area, wash hands with SOAP; rational use of antibiotics in livestock farming.

“Drug resistance prevention plan need specific, precise the action as strengthening communication, medical officers prescribe the correct medication regimen, have treated the siege, have abused antibiotics, had thought of antibiotic resistance.” The Minister, Proceed to share. She said that “if we do not have strong action now from the following years today will no longer smoking”.

Dr. Kidong Park, Chief Representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Vietnam also said the status of antibiotic resistance occurs in all countries, people, food, animals. He said: “If you don’t want these types of antibiotics are no longer effective in the future, the countries need to take action.” Estimates of the world each year has about 700,000 deaths related drug resistance, forecasting the year 2050 this figure will increase much more. 

The advent of antibiotics from the early years of the Decade, 40, was the great turning point in the history of medicine. Antibiotics help to save the lives of millions of people infected with the bacterial diseases such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, diphtheria, meningitis pus … However, due to the process of natural selection of bacteria, bad use of antibiotics is not true of people such as taking insufficient doses, overdose, not consistent with the root causes of disease; misuse of antibiotics in health, agriculture … increased antibiotic resistance situation.

Status of drug resistance, antibiotic resistance is becoming more severe. Global report on drug resistance in 2014 the WHO synthesized from 114 countries shows, the patient must stay in hospital longer and increased mortality in all age groups. In Europe, the number of days of hospitalization increased 2.5 million days, 25,000 deaths each year. Thailand also increased more than 3.2 million days of hospitalization and mortality 38,000 people every year.

The world appeared the bacteria resistant to most antibiotics, also known as Super drug-resistant bacteria. In Vietnam, most medical establishments are faced with the spread of bacteria resistant to multiple kinds of antibiotics. The level and speed of drug resistance is increasing, at an alarming rate.

Antibiotics are such “reserved”, used in the case actually endangered. So do not abuse it. When patients should visit rather than arbitrarily taking drugs, especially antibiotics. When drinking need to adhere to four rules: True specifies, dosage, time and usage.

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