The population of the Japanese fan swing beams, between the hours of exercise to do to combat passive

Before the old chemical status population, Japanese companies encourage employees to exercise with the hope they will work too age retirement. 

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True 1 h pm, groups of IT staff in the Adoc company International in Tokyo (Japan) stood up, leaving the desktop to perform the action, its twisting, scaling the radio is playing: “One, two, three”. At the same time, Fujikura, the men’s shirts, trousers Stadium hanging on the beam with enough color. They all are involved between the hours of exercise, a policy is a series of Japanese business boost recently.

“Japan’s population is aging rapidly and has very few children. This is the major risk for enterprises “, the Japan Times quoted Mr. Kenichiro Asano in the health care group of Fujikura said. “Preserving the health of employees is an important strategy. Good health means a strong collective, strong company “. 

To implement this strategy, each company launched a private way. Rajio taiso, Choice Hotels International ADOc exercise for three minutes from the years 1920 by it extremely simple and most Japanese people are familiar.

Besides, rajio taiso is broadcast regularly on channel NHK, including variants dedicated to elderly and disabled patients. Current estimates in Japan have 28 rajio taiso exercises daily million. 

Other than the Adoc International, it operates the Toyota make one post employee also lobbying Sony to 3 h pm back to join the Group scaling.

Meanwhile, online sales company Rakuten investment 12,000 mobile desk. Employees can choose to stand, sit discretion. “I am very tired easily if have to sit so long so it’s good to be standing up,” Liu Xiaolu 35 years working at Rakuten expressed.

Support the way the businesses on health behaviour Professor Koichiro Oka from Waseda University believe that companies need to pay attention to enhancing the health of employees. “To think I don’t need campaigning during the week because Saturday, Sunday will fully compensate workout mistakes”, Prof. Oka said. “No athlete of the week can lead to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and many other health problems”.

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