The tumor weighed nearly 4 kilograms in the uterus the young girl

Growing belly to extraordinary, young girls take the examination then found a large fibrous tumors in the uterus.

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4 signs fibroids every woman ought to Italy/10 years no child, the idea turned out to be infertile fibroids

Tests and diagnostic imaging at the hospital can tho City shows female patients carrying blocks of fibroids the size equivalent of fetuses 20 weeks of age. The tumor occupies nearly all of the uterus. Doctor tumor dissection surgery try to retain the uterus for young girls to preserve fertility.

The tumor was successfully dissection weighs almost 4 kg, the uterus is preserved intact. Patients with anemia should be communicated two red cubes. Does the patient stabilized, wounds are healed.

Dr. Trinh Hoai, gynaecology, said Deputy fibroids are common diseases in women of reproductive age. To 18-20% of females in the age 18-55 of this disease. Common symptoms of fibroids is menorrhagia stretched the lead to anemia, fatigue, pale, abdomen to abdomen, navel. The disease can cause some complications such as difficult to conceive, miscarriage, premature birth or easy birth weight. When the tumor to insert pressed neighboring organs can cause lower abdominal pain, bowel disorders, affecting the quality of life and the life of the patient.

According to doctors, the nature of the fibroids are benign, not usually dangerous if discovered early and treated thoroughly. However the disease progressed quietly, many women are not routine obstetric discovered late, hard to treat, cause complications, especially during pregnancy. Therefore, doctors recommend sisters when the symptoms appeared on should go visit soon to be discovered and treated promptly.

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